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Modular Eco-System

Put your Security Business at the forefront

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Why Choose Omniplex™?

Omniplex™ - the company born from Armed Reaction operations in South Africa

Software EcoSystem

Framework that provides a full in-a-box solution that can be further customized to your needs.

Turnkey Services

We provide a full turnkey solution for all role players including the Security Provider, Contractor and End User.

Powerful Solution

A powerful combination of a technical platform and commercial solution to compliment your customer relations.

Put your Security Business at the forefront

Omniplex™ provides you the complete software solution that you need to operate and manage your Armed Reaction Business.
The Omniplex™ ecosystem is designed to be future-proof and encapsulates all your software needs in one easy-to-manage place and enables an almost zero touch solution that is intricate but easy to to use.

The EcoSystem solution, as the desciption declares, is a full eco-software-environment that provides a full solution to manage, track and report on your day to day business. Giving you the freedom to actively pursue new business knowing your new and current customers are taken care of. Omniplex™ has been trialed and tested in the industry with remarkable success for our clients.

Start-to-finish efficient service fulfilment makes service turnaround faster and more profitable. The EcoSystem is the result of years of practical use, development and expertise, enabling automated service activation for virtually any technology. Coupled with API that can be integrated and implemented in just a few days.


Operations Support System and Business Support System - OSS/BSS.

Full Turnkey Solution

Omniplex™ offers a complete turnkey software EcoSystem solution.

The solution includes signup, ordering, CRM, contract management, billing, provisioning, inventory management, ticketing, contractor portal as well as user portal.

Our system is vendor independant and we have the ability to integrate with multiple vendors of your choice, subject to the related vendor's available integration options.

Access Control

Fully integrated software solution for town houses, complexes, flats and estates

Database management system for owners / tenants and Home Owners Associations or Body Corporates.
Database fields include: Owners, Contact and Tenant Details; Vehicle, Domestic Worker and Pet Registrar and other services. Fully customisable – add and remove fields where needed

Online order system for car stickers, domestic worker access cards, etc

Complete access level for Home Owners Association, Body Corporates, Trustees to Owners.
Search for any details: Owners, Contact Details, etc.

Bulk mail system. Mail the entire complex with news alerts etc. All correspondance logged to both Owner and Tenant Profiles for Historical reference.

Bulk SMS system. Alert owners / residents of any security threats or important announcements.All correspondance logged to both Owner and Tenant Profiles for Historical reference.


It is important to note that not all functionality and modules are required by all operators and thus we provide a modular solution.

Service Delivery Portal (SDP)

The solution entails the supply of searchable coverage maps that loads service provider layers and dynamically populates their related service offerings for end users to choose from.

Digital contracts

The ability to present end customers with immediate online contracts for signature making the process easier and reducing the time for customer service approvals.

Installation scheduling

The custom or automated scheduling functionality provides a quick turnaround with schedule management and contractor installation allocation.

Contractors portal

The system extension into the easy to use contractors portal enables them to efficiently view work orders, manage your stock and assign work to their own technicians.

Technician portal

The easy to use portal assists the contractors technicians to quickly view their tasks for completion including but not limited to device installation, stock allocation and service provisioning.

Task management

The system provides a simple method of adjusting and managing tasks for both subcontractors and technicians with a service log of all task activities.

Auto provisioning

We have the ability to integrate with multiple vendors of your choice, subject to the related vendor’s available integration options. Providing you with the ability to quickly and efficiently get services up and running on large scale. Provisioning happens at the click of a button!

Billing and invoicing

The billing module allows for a zero touch billing and invoicing solution. Auto calculating service fees, pro rata amounts and accounting ledgers. Both invoices and statements are sent automatically once a month to your end users.

Banking integration

With the integration with major banking institutes we are able to update billing and invoicing records automatically when debit orders and manual payments occur.

Service management

The services module enables to you to efficiently manage product and service charges and offerings.

Stock and inventory management

The ecosystem provides the facility to manage your stock and inventory whilst allowing you to keep track of all movements and essentially manages your asset register.

End user portal

As an extension we offer a self service end user customer portal where they may order, view and change services directly with a high degree of automation and minimal manual intervention. View invoices as well as log and manage support cases.

Leads management

The leads management module is an efficient way of capturing and managing leads with the ability to convert those leads into later sales.

Custom reports and dashboards

You are able to create and manage custom reports with the simple, yet complex reports module. While you may not be able to create custom reporting dashboards we do provide this service on ad-hoc and as per your specific requirements.

Address database management

The ability to properly track installation and customer addresses is extremely important for the successful management of both customers and assets. The address module provides exactly that.

Automated sales quotations

The quotation module delivers a easy method of generating custom quotations or automated generation based on customer input, whilst automatically sending such quotations for online acceptance which in turn auto updates your sales docket statuses.

Digital contracts and signatures

Our partnership and integrated solution with Docusign makes the online signup process super simple and fast, by providing the end customer a service contract immediately for their digital signature in a format that is acceptable to the banking industry.

Project management

Although the aim of our project management module is not to fully replace existing project management tools it can easy be converted to custom manage your projects from start to finish. The module is has been integrated with major tools such as Quickbase and Smartsheets to auto update certain processes for both a calculated and summarized view..

KPI management

Track and manage key performance indicators to ensure targets and milestones are met by your staff and contractors ensuring a thriving and successful business.


The availability of API allows service providers the ability to integrate with the ecosystem in order to self manage their customers on your network.

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